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Burning Bushes

After I took this picture and realized what I had, there was only one title I could give to it: “The Burning Bush.” While the bush is not actually burning, the fog and the position of the sunrise relative to the tree reminded me of the story of Moses in the first part of Exodus. While it is a remarkably familiar story, do we ever try to apply it to our own lives? Do we ever see God using our “burning bushes” to get our attention just as He got the attention of Moses?

The burning bush in the life of Moses was a revelation of God to Him. It was the supernatural breaking into the natural. It was also a direct intervention of God into the life of Moses. After that day Moses’ life would never be the same. It became a life-changing experience for Moses. Not only would the direction of his life change, but who he was would change also. Burning bushes have a way of upsetting the status quo of our lives. But, if we let them impact our lives, God will do the changing to accomplish His will.

In what ways does God break into our lives? It may be a simple one-line phrase by another Christian. In my first job I was considering a job change but did not accept the offer. When I told our pastor about it, he said, “Did you ever think about seminary?” Shortly thereafter I was in seminary. That short question planted the seed of God’s will to change the direction of my life.

God may use a life-threatening illness to break into our lives by getting our attention in an abrupt way. It may take something like this to cut through all the distractions in our lives. It may be the birth of a child that gets our attention. Children have a way of changing things. God has a multitude of means that can become burning bushes for us.

Do I let God’s grace during the burning bush move me to action? When we study the beginning of Exodus, we will see ourselves in Moses. Moses was reluctant to believe God and needed convincing. He asked God for more details seeking clarification. Moses had doubts wondering if the people of Israel would even believe he had talked with God. God had to convince him with extraordinary actions in the fourth chapter. Even then Moses still offered excuses. Finally, God got through to him, and Moses went.

Burning bushes are powerful interventions of God into our lives and are not every day experiences. It would be better to seek God’s will daily and let His grace move us to do His will so He would not need to use such dramatic means. But if He sends a burning bush your way, hang on for the ride of your life!

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