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Let the Son Shine In

Many of us are not morning people. My wife has a mug that says, “If the good Lord had wanted most of us to see the sunrise…He would have scheduled it later in the day.”  Those who are not morning people can sometimes go to great lengths not to see the morning sunrise. One way is to install light-blocking window shades in the bedroom. Even if the sun is shining brightly in the window, it’s not going to make it into the room. Mission accomplished: no early morning sunshine!

Sometimes we try to do this with the light of Christ shining in our lives. We want Him in our lives and invite Him in. His light is free to shine in all our rooms except those where He is not welcome. It is here that we put up light-blocking shades. It is here that we enjoy the dark.  It is here that we retreat for a respite away from the so called “demands” of the Lord. “He can have the other rooms. But I want to keep this one to myself.”

Jesus said He is the light of the world, and the world includes my blocked room. He wants to shine His light on my whole life, and it will shine through the smallest hole in those shades if I let it. I need to stop plugging up those holes and let His loving light shine! 

Open the home of your soul to the light of Christ; tear down the light-blocking shades. Christ’s light is love; let it shine fully in your life.

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