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On a hillside facing east early one morning I saw this daisy in a large group of similar flowers. What caught my eye was that it looked different than other daisies I was used to seeing. For some reason its petals were down and not extending out from the center. Upon further research I found that if I came back later in the day, the flower would look like I expected. What made the difference? The sun. These daisies “close up” at night and, when the sun shines on them, their petals reach out and follow the sun throughout the day. There must be a sermon here!

Is it possible to call these flowers “praisies”? Yes, it is misspelled since it is not a word in our English language. But it has a spiritual connotation in that the flowers opening to the sun appear to be lifting their arms in praise. Now a sign in front of the church would change “sun” to “Son” and seek to have us make the spiritual connection with the play on words. There is no need to do that here since I have already done it for you.

But should it take flowers to remind us of the need to praise our Lord? Jesus said in Luke 19:40 to the Pharisees complaining to Him when the crowd was praising Him, “I say to you, that if these shall hold their peace, the stones will cry out.” If we are sensitive to nature around us, we will quickly discover that it is constantly praising our Lord. The beautiful sunrise praises the Lord. So does the Milky Way high overhead at night. A total eclipse of the sun or the moon is an awe-inspiring sight. The changing leaves in the fall colorfully painting the hillsides around us point to our Creator. Even the adult bluebird in our backyard feeding its young from our suet feeder gives glory to God. All these are not random accidents in our world. The hand of our Master is at work.

May we not wait until the stones cry out in praise to our Lord. May we, along with the flowers on that hillside early in the morning, become “Praisies” of the Lord!

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